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Pacific Handy Cutter, Inc. (Handy Cutter Line) got its start in 1950 with the introduction of the original Handy Cutter. Today we are a leader in the advertising specialties industry, offering a wide assortment of unique products known for their fine workmanship and superior imprinting. Our product line still includes our popular Handy Cutter along with other specialty knives and cutters. We also offer a wide selection of letter openers (many are patented designs) and other office essentials such as staplers and staple removers.

We are committed to EXCELLENCE – offering our customers the highest QUALITY products on the market and unsurpassed CUSTOMER SERVICE.

You can count on Handy Cutter Line to be a "cut above the rest".

Order Info

Higher Quantities

Pricing for quantities over 10,000 units and above, call for quotation.
Blank Merchandise
Next quantity price, with the exception of unimprinted business card letter opener(See business card letter openers unimprinted for prices).
Order Information
Prices include one printing color on all orders. Add a set up charge of $45.00(v) per extra color plus the following running charges per unit: $ .20(v) per extra color. Color imprints on dark colored items require a double imprint for proper coverage and will include an extra charge of .15(v) per piece.
Set Up Charges
Prices include one color and one set-up charge.
Re Orders
Please specify the most recent P.O. Number and/or Job Number from your PREVIOUS ORDER, along with specific item and imprint colors.  Set up charges for additional color and/or 2nd side imprint on reorders are at $30.00(v).
Second Side Imprint
$ .20(v), set up charge of $45.00(v).
Camera ready art is a crisp black and white reproduction on camera paper with no touchups needed. If the imprint is multi-colored, the customer must include color separations or there will be an art charge. Copies of artwork made on copy machines, faxed art, business cards, and preprinted items are not camera ready and will be subject to additional charges. For best results send art twice the size of imprinted area.
Digital Artwork Criteria
To expedite your order, artwork may be emailed to Artwork may also be submitted on floppy disk, zip disk, or cd in the Macintosh format using the following preferred software programs: Adobe Illustrator CS2.  An eps file created in Illustrator yields the best results. Artwork submitted in Photoshop CS2 is also accepted in some cases. Artwork must be black and white with no halftones, screens, or shading. Include fonts used (screen and printer fonts or suitcase and postscript files) or convert text to paths, curves, or outlines; text becomes vector art and can no longer be edited as text. Any other files or images placed within the art must also be included on disk or accompany art. Computer generated artwork at 600 dpi or better can frequently be used with good results if provided at least 2 times the actual size.


The following is a guide which can be used to compute the cost of artwork if you don’t supply camera ready:

  • Typesetting – in standard types with E-mail or faxed  paper proof . $15.00 (v)

  • Touch Up work on camera ready art. $30.00 (v)

  • Charge for preparation of artwork sent in on stationary, newsprint, copies, business cards or any other grained paper. $30.00 (v)

  • Reductions, Enlargements and Paste Up. $30.00 (v)

  • Reversals – A reversal is required when the imprint on the art submitted is surrounded by black. $25.00 (v)

  • Special Logos – where art sent is not photographic. $30.00 (v)

  • Complete development of artwork – or any art where special drawing is involved. Call for Quote.

  • Color separations – Color separation charges will be assessed if artwork is sent in on colors which are difficult or will not photograph, or when the job is multicolored and no separations are included with artwork. $50.00 (v) per hour

If requested, we will provide an estimate for the preparation of camera ready art, after we have received whatever art you have available.


*Fax  or Email paper proof of copy: $12.50(v).

*Emails must be in a stardard digital file. Or from camera-ready artwork provided (paper) including color separations, if more than one color. If additonal work is need to convert artwork to create an email proof, such as cleaning up artwork, please call for quote.

Proof of copy on item: $30.00(v) per proof, plus per item charge.

Each order must be typed or legibly printed. Attach a business card or letterhead, when possible, to eliminate errors.
Copy Changes
Personalization available with a minimum of 1000 units per name OR $500.00 minimum, whichever is greater  at a charge of $35.00(v) per name.  Total order must be $1500.00.
Blanket Orders
Your yearly blanket purchase orders are welcome. Delivery as requested.
Faxed Orders
Faxed orders must be followed by mail or phone confirmation. All confirming orders must be clearly marked "confirming only", etc. The legibility of faxed orders will be the customer's full responsibility for accuracy. PHC cannot be responsible for fax machine malfunctions which may alter the accuracy of the order.
Telephone Orders
All orders with imprint must be confirmed in writing or by fax. We will not accept responsibility for corrections or errors on verbal orders.
Standard Printing Colors
We will print most colors at no additional cost. PMS colors may vary.
Less Than Minimum
Call for quote.
Overruns or underruns not to exceed 7% of the amount ordered shall constitute an acceptable delivery and the excess or deficiency shall be charged to customer proportionately.
Standard Background Colors

Handy Cutter: Black, White, Yellow 115C, Red 186, Blue 294C, Orange 165C, Green 349. (Approximate PMS shade; colors may vary).

Large and Small Snap Blade Knife: White, Black.

Shaped Letter Openers, Superlite Letter Opener, Handy Key Knife, Handy Pop Tops, Handy Scraper, Snappy Hooker, Disposable Film Cutter: White.

Magnifier Letter Opener: Clear Frosted (textured)          

Ruler Letter Opener, e Letter Opener, @ Letter Opener: White, Translucent Blueberry Blue, Translucent Grape Purple, Translucent Lime Green, and Translucent Raspberry Red.

Business Card Letter Opener: White, Black, Translucent Blueberry Blue, Translucent Raspberry Red, Clear.

Staplers and Staple Removers: White, Translucent Blueberry Blue, Translucent Raspberry Red, Translucent Grape Purple.

Pocket Safety Cutters (PSC-1 and PSC-2): White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue

Raze Bag Cutter:  Blue.

Heart Letter Opener: White, Red.

Custom Background Colors
Custom colors can be matched on the Handy Cutter with a minimum order of 10,000 units call for quote. Lead time will increase when ordering a custom color background. PHC requires a pre-production sample when ordering a custom color, otherwise we will not be responsible for the color match. On other products, contact factory.
Production Time

Standard Service: approximately 7-10 working days. If a proof on product is required, allow 1 additional week.

5 Day Rush Service: based on 5 working days. Standard one color imprint only. To qualify for 5 day rush service, you must have good standing established credit with us. You may use a credit card or pay cash and include freight. The order must be accompanied with camera ready art or it will be delayed. All orders must be here by noon Pacific Time. Production time does not include day we receive the order (based on 5 day work week, not including holidays).


Credit Card Payments
VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted. The following information is needed:
  • Which card you are using

  • Name or business as imprinted on card

  • Your account number

  • Expiration date


A prepayment of your order, by check, money order, or credit card is required until Open Account status is established.

Orders in process will be charged on the basis of materials used.
Replacement of Merchandise
Handy Cutter Line guarantees its merchandise against all defects in workmanship and materials for six months from date of purchase. No merchandise can be returned without factory approval, which must include a return authorization number. With factory approval, merchandise found to be defective will be replaced and credit issued for such returned items.

Orders will be shipped to the company placing the order unless instructed otherwise.

Shipment: FOB California factory based on Rocky Mountain Tariff. Specify method of shipment. If method of shipment is not shown on purchase order we will use our discretion for best method.

Split/Drop Shipments: $50.00 each, after the first five (5) shipments.

Shipping Dates: Order must show a Ship Date or the Shipping Date will be scheduled for two (2) weeks from receipt of order. Shipping Date will be affected by account status.


Minimum freight and handling charge is $15.00

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